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Digital Media is a venture started fifteen years ago by Mr. Sony Jose in Kottayam district of Kerala. Digital Media, a company engaged in the theatre sector for the last 15 years. Digital Media is a company that adapts to the changes that occur in the field of theatre with each passing era. With our long working experience, we can introduce the best products in our projects. We import the most advanced technologies and equipment in the world of theatre from their respective sources. So a customer can get the best quality products at the lowest price. 

The first step in digital media was the  Educational Theater initiative. This initiative, called ‘DM Smart 3D Educational Theater’ created a revolution in the education sector in Kerala. ‘DM Smart 3D Educational Theater’ is a concept that is still running successfully.

DM Smart

‘DM smart 3D theatre’ is an air conditioned and well furnished educational theatre where the teachers can access the knowledge across the world in seconds using the world class technology equipments and convey the same to the students very effectively in a very comfortable atmosphere . Every Institute, Colleges and Schools today need an advanced and well equipped hall to conduct their seminars, meetings, classes and conferences. These halls need to be furnished with high end state-of-the-art equipments to conduct interactions across large masses. We integrate your auditoriums with large venue presentation facilities, considering its application and audience to ensure every sight and sound in your unique space is brilliant, intelligent, and easy to control. Our latest high definition displays, projectors, digital audio, automated lighting, lets you fill up the auditorium with enthusiasm & excitement from the audience. We help you to create effective settings to present information, support your events, training and more for a large audience in auditoriums, giving your institution the cutting edge technology advantage.


Aries DM Pvt. Ltd. (www.ariesdm.com) is the joint venture which is the brain-child of Dr. Sohan Roy & Mr. Sony Jose. Dr. Sohan Roy is the CEO of Aries Group of Companies headquartered in UAE and operations spread across 17 countries. He is the Director & Producer of the Hollywood venture DAM999 which has found its mark in the global Cinema world. DAM999 won nominations in 5 diverse categories in the Oscar Library. Mr. Sony Jose is the director of Digital Media, Kottayam. Plans are on the anvil to distribute 1000 home theatres per year through this joint venture.

Readymade Home theatre

Digital media has launched THE WORLD’S FIRST EVER one of a kind READY-MADE HOME THEATRE SYSTEM-the perfect device that lets you create that multiplex visit experience within the comfiness and confines of your home. Affordable and inclusive of all the new technological features in the market, Ready-made home theatre lends you that unique home theatre experience. We have the answer to all of your wants and queries and offers a hassle-free ordering and setting up experience. READY MADE HOME THEATRES presents first of its kind ready-made home theatres, built to be in tune with world class main theatres in visual and sound effects. Built with durable materials that can be used even outdoors, these airconditioned home theatres come equipped with acoustic doors and interiors, automated lighting and sound systems, theatre screens and seats, carpet, high quality projector etc. 

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